Tricks to setup Android that everyone should know

The smartphone and the smartphone, with its quirks you cannot tolerate, and reconfigure everything to your liking. Talk about simple, but very useful ways to make Android more beautiful and more convenient.

Pulling Android to clog the screen shortcuts

Since then, almost all of the creators of “Chinese devices in terms of” combined desktops with widgets, the problem has lost its urgency, however: in many models of Android still duplicates the labels of new applications not only in the General list, but in the neighborhood of the widgets, without permission and a Declaration of war.

Disallow the creation of shortcuts on the desktop after you install applications

Android is not wrong — he was framed. Blame the app store, so: launch Google Play, go to its settings and remove the checkmark from the item “Add icons for installed applications on the main screen.” Since that time, desktops will finally gain independence from changes in the composition of applications.

Fingerprint to unlock, even with the inclusion of “from scratch”

For some strange and ridiculous logic developer, Android unlock screen on your smartphone with the scanner of prints using only the scanner, but only until you turn on the smartphone from scratch. After that, only the PIN-code or graphical code. That is, it is assumed that while the smartphone was discharged and joined again, the owner chopped off the finger and, thus, bypass protection ultra-reliable scanner? And four-digit pin number will save the smartphone from hacking?

In smartphones ZTE Axon have the ability to disable the password prompt after a reboot and request fingerprint smartphones ZTE Axon can disable the password after a reboot and request fingerprint

Fortunately, not all manufacturers agree with such strange restrictions in some models it is possible to remove the forced PIN request after a reboot. For example, in the family of ZTE Axon and some other Chinese smartphones. A small thing, but, you know, makes life easier.

Installed a stack of apps on a new smartphone

Suddenly you didn’t know — no need to remember the apps and games that were on the old phone if you changed it to a new model. Go to Google Play “My apps and games” — “All”, then before you open the entire list of apps you’ve ever installed it on their tablets and smartphones running Android.

Install application packs from Google Play

How to install multiple apps? Press and hold your finger on a strip with the name of the application is released and then rush through the list and short press note apps that I would like to install. At the end of this ritual click the “Install” button in the upper right corner. Several times agree, they say, is not an accident, I really want to install all of it. Brewed coffee, tea or hawthorn, and wait until the smartphone will establish an army of your favorite software and games.

Eliminate Intrusive notifications in the individual apps

Sooner or later in your smartphone endeared Intrusive program that will dump stuff into a string with notifications several times a day. And you will be distracted by the ringtone and meaningless icons, blame the application developers bad words, but to endure — because of Yandex. Market and Aliexpress are useful, even against stupid and arrogant attempts to “sell” using the notification side of the program and the selection of goods.

Intrusive applications, you can restrict “freedom of speech” and access to notification bar

The smartphones running Android 4.4 and above a “joy” can be eliminated in a standard way: system settings — item “Applications”. A slight movement of the display switch will block all notifications from a specific program (and if it’s not the audio player, the changes will not affect work). Android 7.0 and in such notice you can still leave and just tell them they can’t ring or use the vibrate function of your smartphone. Silence is Golden, phones and so all too often distract our attention during the day.

Extending the time of the smartphone in the games

Of course, you can walk around with a “sandwich” of smartphone and connected to an external battery, so the poor soul will not run out while you pass the time in 3D games. But some models have the ability to reconfigure the processor or screen resolution for that phone gave up the Ghost even in today’s fancy toys. Take advantage of this feature can not only all, few people will be able to use it.

But if you have one of the new smartphones Huawei (including Honor), LG or Samsung, go to settings system (G4/G5, Huawei Mate 8/P9/Mate 9) and open the item “Battery/energy Saving”. There you will find the option, activation of which smartphone learn how to save energy in games. The Samsung Galaxy S7 for saver in games answers app Game Launcher. In some cases, activation of such option would slightly reduce the quality of the graphics, but the increase in time of work will be much more significant than the loss of image clarity.

The keyboard should be comfortable!

The design of the on-screen keyboard in android phone — colorful and varied, that is, each of its own. From good to terrible curve “farm” based on the iPhone. Therefore, if after the purchase of a smartphone it’s been a few weeks and you still nag at smartphone typos and awkward process of printing, try to download and activate the Google keyboard or the GBoard, as it is now styled.

Brand Google keyboard better than most analogs crafts from manufacturers of smartphones

She’s a good wit in the rote learning characteristic of your speech and can sync your lexicon between all devices with GBoard and generally looks much neater most of the analogs for the authorship of producers of smartphones.

And even the questionable “molded-in” design without borders keys and autocorrection of words and filter the obscenities in the text is fixable: go to system settings — item “Language and input”, then find the settings for Google keyboard and configure it according to your needs.

Mode “do not disturb” — when the subscriber is available, but only if you really need

Cell phone is both good and bad because you get it everywhere — whether you like it or not. If you do not want, that is a very sensible way to mute the sound, but so that in case of emergency or something extremely important you could still get through. This is the essence of the regime “do Not disturb” in Android 5.0 and newer versions.

Turn off the sound on the night, but remain available for emergency calls

When activated, the mobile ceases to emit any sounds except the alarm. To use this grace can be manually or schedule from night to morning, for example. And to be sure that you do not miss out, God forbid, call relatives, who began to feel ill, put the option “Repeated calls” — in this case, it is the second consecutive call from the same number will come to your smartphone with sound. You can separately configure a group of contacts or applications from which the calls are to do with sound always. Very convenient.

You messenger send a link to the Vkontakte, YouTube, Aliexpress or something popular, you click on the link and  —  see “sheet” available to open applications and browsers. You can, of course, immediately create a rule to “Always open with this application”, and you can once and for all to do so from your browser (Google Chrome, for example) is go to the website, the smartphone opened a video on a friend’s profile or product immediately in a convenient and customized app.

You can teach the smartphone to open a dedicated application instead of the usual site

Go to the system setup: “Application” — “Open by default” and determine whether to send you, for example, directly in the app with any links to the site.