That’s why you need a powerful CPU: 7 games for smartphones with the best graphics

Mobile games rarely are truly beautiful — they must work on even the cheapest smartphones, but it does not fit with cool graphics. But it does happen on smartphones and truly luxurious in a graphic game plan, which we will discuss today.

Real Racing 3 — the most beautiful racing game

The “Golden age” of graphics in smartphone games if I may say so, occurred in 2013-2014 At this time began to appear first OCTA-core mobile phones (Samsung Galaxy S4), and processors-video cards have moved from the category of “something that Android pulled” to something bigger (in mid-2013, started production of the beloved Snapdragon 800). It is not surprising that the most beautiful in the history of the smartphone racing game also came out in 2013.

And yet the game became free! Not from the Communist considerations, however, and through the introduction of the “cancer” of modern game industry — microtransactions-in other words, the principle of “pay real money for game currency or you suffer.” And yet another benchmark for mobile racing today is not, and Asphalt 8 has slid in the same direction. The newly-minted Asphalt Extreme and in addition slowed down in graphic details.

In short, if you like Project CARS, Forza Motorsport or NFS Shift on PC/consoles, Real Racing 3 is the most suitable for your tastes the game.

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Unkilled — shooting zombies all the details

In the same way as DICE desktops, and every game turns into a Battlefield, the Studio Madfinger Games erased to holes the idea of a zombie-shooters under different names: a few pieces of Dead Trigger, Shadowrun, and now Unkilled. Developing all this splendor snail’s pace, and all the same graphics over and over again “pull” to a more modern, weapons and locations is also improved. That is, the consistency gradually moves to skill — and that’s good.

The plot stupid and banal even by the standards of “tiger in the road”, but the special effects are good, the weapons are diverse, to say “frags” fun, high-quality Russification. Disadvantages — the requirement of a constant connection to the Internet and traditional mobile games the greed of developers, where the hero always consumes “energy” and there is an urgent need to modernize the weapons. Without money injections, the recovery of energy and upgrading takes time.

And yet, the developers are not disingenuous, when called Unkilled most beautiful game about zombies — bloody shooting of the walking dead here is implemented in the best possible way, and this is important. A good option for those, who wants to feel like a brave commando in full evil new York.

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Modern Combat 5 — when like Call of Duty, but it is not

It just so happened that there cell phones full of fighters-blockbusters — such that “expensive-rich”, with the cinematic script, directing and incentive to beat the game twice. Half-Life 2 ported, but for the money NVIDIA, so normally it will work only on devices running Tegra 4. Real chic is available to enthusiasts in Amateur port Doom 3 to Android, although this version of the game too “bug-free” is not called.

And yet there is no reason not to eat “sour cream product”, so if this cream did not deliver. And in this incarnation, the best substitute for Call of Duty on smartphones has been and remains Modern Combat, the brainchild of Gameloft. In fact, she took the palm of graphics and gameplay in the smartphone shooters after the “Halo on a smartphone” N. O. V. A. 3 has reached retirement age.

Cinematic firefights, beautiful and designed levels with destructible and different weather conditions, the beauty of technology and weapons of modern warfare, sane, and not “single-celled”, as is the case on smartphones, the plot. And high-quality graphics.

However, part of the graphics the game has to aspire to — Modern Combat 5 was released in 2014 and was developed in partnership with MediaTek. This means that the graphics in the game did not bring to perfection, and tried to “pull” on the low-power Mali-450 MP4 in the advertised osmeteria MediaTek MT6592.

So the quality of the individual graphic elements is debatable, but for thoroughness in the design of the levels, quality of light, water and reflections MC5 still looks good. And yet it is perhaps the most beautiful multiplayer shooter in the smartphone. Quality of “shooting”, let the weirdo in the form of forced “quests”, or side missions in the campaign.

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Vainglory — mobile “DOTA” with good graphics

If computers and consoles online game is gradually taking over the classic “story, and the surrender — multiplayer” franchises, in mobile phones and tablets network mode has always been secondary. Partly because of the 3G so wild delay that normally play on the network it is impossible (only with LTE), partly due to the fact that fans of games on smartphones often play in the road, where coverage may not be at all.

Vainglory — child “new era”. In the sense that it is not just a multiplayer game, and a super intense multiplayer game of the genre MOBA. Card, team of the same players for smartphones/tablets, the “wall on wall”, monsters, mages, arrows, and another yummy desktop in the style of DOTA or League of Legends. Vainglory has even become an eSports — that is, by her conduct the Championships with a prize Fund of up to $150000.

And graphics! It’s surprisingly good, by the standards of games in which the participants almost never bring the map to consider all the details. Nature, landscapes, heroes, artifacts — everything looks very good.

Of course, Vainglory does not really fit the realities of mobile games — you will not be able to play on the bus 15 minutes, and then maintained, as if nothing had happened, to conduct business, network battle need to go from beginning to end. In addition, the game voracious, it is in full swing uses the Internet connection hardly works on devices with 1 GB of memory (better to run it on 2 or more GB), quickly drains the battery and heats the phone. But this game will give you some of the most spectacular battles, which can only be on my phone, and the joy of team play.

Mortal Kombat X — mortal fights uncensored

Games on smartphones and tablets lack is not only directing but also the “truth of life”, that is, any realistic gameplay. For example, the imperfection of artificial intelligence and computer rivals-the idiots can be used. But absolutely all shooters, fighting games or quests for iOS and Android so sugary and childishly innocent that playing them becomes sad and feel the most “student-age”, which finds mobile gamers the older generation.

And this is a rare case when the schedule of the advertising trailers are identical in the game Mortal Kombat X looks almost as good as looked MK 9 on the PlayStation 3 in 2011. That is, to cut the bones, to pull the bodies, shed liters of blood in this game is as realistic as the console versions. And that, you know, figure!

Of course, on the level of detail one can argue — someone will have to like the creation of everything by the same authors MK X Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the aesthetes and the UFC will remember (these are American fights without rules). But in Injustice a little more alive and look better is that the details of levels, and the fighters themselves drawn worse, and the UFC, of course, very beautiful, but certainly fighting not for everyone — where the masters of martial arts USA, where Sub-Zero, you ask?

The problem Mortal Kombat X is that initially you play for God knows what kind of characters (the old guard soldiers offer to pay real money), and improve fighters also need to pay. And the main problem is the game does not feel that the enemy gets in the face of it your efforts. Because management adapted for touch screens and very simplified: — press the screen, drag your finger back and forth, and fight like an ancient Chinese monk. And superpriemy — it’s just “click here” at the right time.

But this does not mean that Mortal Kombat was a snap — the struggle and tension in the fights have not diminished, so fans of fighting games (and fighting games Mortal Kombat in particular) is considered the creation of NetherRealm Studios a great game.

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Need for Speed: No Limits — Underground and Most Wanted + Donat

While the owners of PCs and consoles enjoyed (don’t laugh, someone game and really liked it) restart NFS 2015, the owners of mobile phones “delivered” NFS: No Limits. The idea of the game coincides with the latest part of the series race with the police and computer opponents on tuned cars (fleet, by the way, is very similar to the desktop version of NFS), city lights at night, plot and good graphics. It is, of course, far from beauty we demonstrate the game engine Frostbite 3 in the desktop version because the game should run even on smartphones-those with MT6589 inside.

But the developers cleverly let loose the “fog” and worked out the levels so that the graphics defects are not conspicuous. And no time to consider them — in-game speed feels good, just come into the turns at the Windows of the town looked askance. Reflection, lights, depth of field, weather effects — the game looks great, and tuning it the best among all the games that we’ve seen on Android and iOS.

All the spoils are disgusting, arrogant, endless, stretching into Stardust donut. Without an infusion of real money you will have hundreds of times to ride on the same trails on the same machine, painfully slow progress in the campaign and constantly wait for the “refueling” of the car (don’t want to wait? Pay!).

But this is the best game about street racing, one of the most beautiful mobile games and the closest to the legendary NFS Underground/Most Wanted racing game on smartphones. It is unlikely that she is worthy to admire, but to try, probably worth it.

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Gangstar: Vegas a little more beautiful and primitive GTA in mobile

The Holy place is not empty: while Rockstar walked with the millions of dollars, slowly developed GTA 5 on console and totally ignored Android and iOS, savvy guys from Gameloft have established supply “substitute Grand Theft Auto” since shaggy times. Back in 2010, iPhone and android phones played Gangstar: Miami Vindication — a funny, superficial, but still a GTA-like game.

Since then many years have passed, the smartphone still came ancient part of GTA, but the franchise Gameloft in 2013, a little “gathered fat” has got a dramatic story and a large number of borrowings from GTA Vice City and San Andreas.

In-depth study of the scenario, the number of mini-games, simulation, open world and its size, it was not standing next to Rockstar games, but we’re all here for the sake of graphics, and let’s face it — without graphics mods (which almost nobody installs) GTA on Android looks mediocre. Gangstar: Vegas a little better, and this “little” enough for the game to become one of the most beautiful of all the action in the open world.

Of course, Gangstar looks naive and passed too quickly, and the administration is far from perfect, but it is a good attraction for “run-drive-shoot” for everyone who does not want or even do not want to install the old part of GTA on your smartphone.

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