Huawei explained why confident in the superiority of their CPUs

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Each of the three leaders of the smartphone market has its own chipsets for their devices. And only Samsung is supplying its chips to other brands. Apple and Huawei prefer to use their own development of their proposed mobile devices. Why other vendors of smartphones processors Kirin not offered? The answer to this concern for many modern users of the issue, the lead Director for this product Huawei g Brody (Brody Ji).

From the point of view of Huawei chips, manufactured under the brand name Kirin are not a business. The Chinese company prefers to consider them as products, providing its smartphones with a significant competitive advantage, noted Joshua record layer (Joshua Swingle) on the resource page

If as an example, consider the upcoming flagship Huawei Mate Mate 20 and 20 Pro, it becomes obvious that the chipset of the new generation Kirin 980, manufactured in accordance with 7 nanometers processes provides a significant advantage in performance and efficiency of new smartphones.

However, most of the other flagships that are offered to consumers are based on the 845 chipset Snapdragon from Qualcomm. This is, without a doubt, a great powerful chip, but it is made in accordance with the older 10-nanometer technological process. And in this respect for companies that equip their flagships with Snapdragon chipsets, prior to 2019, nothing will change.

In addition to the discussed above it should also be noted that, like Apple, Huawei, thanks to its own chipsets, offers a better opportunity to optimize their smartphones, because it has complete control not only over their software shell EMUI, but also on the hardware.

There is also the advantage, not related to performance. We are talking about the Huawei possible to reduce production costs. Thus, the need to make a profit on their processors, the company is simply absent, as they allow Huawei to offer smartphones at relatively lower prices.